How can you start learning about healing?

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Abedus Press
Wouldn't it be great if there was a book
on healing with plants that had large, full
color photographs of each plant?  The
book should be written by an American
Indian Healer with years of experience.  
The book should be coauthored by a
Professor of Pharmacology who explains
uses and possible dangers of each plant.  

Such a book exists, "Healing with Medicinal
Plants of the West - Cultural and Scientific
Basis for their Use" and is available on line
on page 2.
Abedus Press
The Balanced Diet for You and the Planet

This book will teach you what balance is, why
to live in balance, and how to know when your
body is in balance.  You can learn to live in
balance and cure yourself of heart disease,
type 2 diabetes, arthritis and decrease your risk
of developing cancer.  Balance is a traditional
concept common to American Indian, Chinese
and other traditional healing practices.  It is
available from for $14.95.
Jim Adams and his teacher wrote several
articles on healing for Wildernss Way.  You
may save these articles onto your computer
for free by right clicking your mouse on the
PDF of each file.

Wilderness Way articles
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