Was there a real Zorro?  
His name was Estanislao.

Estanislao - Warrior, Man of God
Author - JD Adams

Estanislao was a great American hero who never lost a battle.  He led a revolt against a corrupt system, organized an army and
protected his people.  He united his people over a vast area.  His motivation was always to serve God and do the right actions for himself
and his people.  Yet, he had to face challenges far more powerful than his enemy.  

Estanislao may have been the inspiration for stories of Zorro.  His name is used for Stanislaus County and River in California.  
Estanislao was a Yokuts Indian.  

This book is a novel based on the known facts about Estanislao's life.  The book is a story that explains why Estanislao revolted and did
battle.  Despite his successes and challenges, it was his journey with God that was the most important part of his life.

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