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Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West is a book that will teach you how to identify medicinal plants, gather these plants and make your own medicines from native plants. The authors are James Adams, Michelle Wong and Enrique Villasenor. James Adams, PhD is a Professor Emeritus who taught Pharmacy and Medical Students for 33 years. He also learned from a California Indian Healer for 14 years before she passed away. Michelle Wong is an acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine Doctor and Healer who uses California medicinal plants. Enrique Villasenor is a Healer who learned from his mother and Dr. Adams. He has been practicing Healing for many years and has treated many patients. These three Healers have taught many people over the years and have good advice to offer you for your self care. You can learn how to heal yourself for free. Contact JimAdams91214@gmail.com.

Dr. Michelle Wong and Dr. James Adams
Healer Enrique Villasenor and Dr. James Adams

You can join a workshop or plant walk to learn how to identify and grow your own medicinal plants. You will also learn how to make your own medicine and use it safely. Upcoming events, November 11 and 12 the Ojai Herbal Symposium contact info@ojaiherbal.org to register. All three Healers will be speakers at the Symposium. December 9 at the Forrest Deaner Native Plant Garden in Benicia State Park, Dr. Adams will lead a plant walk for FREE. Contact JimAdams91214@gmail.com for more information.

USC professor Jim Adams in Solstice Canyon Park in Malibu, CA. June 19, 2017 Photo by David Sprague

White Sage, Salvia apiana. We are grateful to our Teacher Cecilia Garcia and many other California Indians who have taught us over the years. We continue to teach the history of the genocides against California Indians.